Microchipping Helps Bring Missing Pets Home

It's not that you're a bad pet parent or a careless owner if your animal goes missing. In fact, it happens to thousands of pets each month. Cats may decide to go exploring if a door is left open, dogs dig under fences or "take a walk" through broken gates; animals "escape" from parking lots and rest stops. Sometimes, other people want an animal of their own badly enough to take one home that doesn't belong to them. One in three pets will be missing at some point during its lifetime.

Increase the Chances of Reuniting with Your Pet

If you have ever had to search for a missing pet, you know the feeling of dread that it produces. If you have found that precious pet, you also realize what relief you feel when you have your favorite companion back safely. There is not always a happy ending. Fortunately, however, help is available through a safe and simple procedure that can be easily performed by our veterinarian.

By implanting an identifying chip, termed a "microchip," under your animal's skin, you assure that a "found" animal can be quickly returned to you. If that is a comforting thought, know that more than 14,000 pet owners each month benefit from the permanent identification and tracking procedures that are facilitated by microchipping.

In order to be fully effective, however, the technology must be accompanied by registration that you keep updated in case you move or change your phone number; also, if a microchipped animal changes households, providing new contact information should be a priority.

Even though registering your pet with your community or your animal clinic, keeping your dog collared with an ID tag, and taking precautions with your curious cat are thoughtful and necessary steps in the proper care of a pet, the measure of protection dramatically increases when you implant the tiny microchip.

Tiny Chip, Big Benefits

It's an easy task to implant the chip, which is only the size of a grain of rice, between your pet's shoulder blades. It is no more painful than a vaccination, and takes just a few seconds. But it offers a lifetime of protection! The microchip itself has no internal source of energy -- its battery will never fail. Instead, if your pet is found missing, animal shelters and veterinarians quickly scan between the pet's shoulder blades with an external device that "reads" the chip's identifying information.

Each chip contains totally unique and positive identification that is used to quickly locate and inform owners that a pet has been found. We at Ontario Veterinary Hospital fully support ongoing efforts to microchip household pets. It's because we love our domestic animals that this is such an important consideration.

Our compassionate veterinary care team supports all of our clients' efforts to keep pets well and healthy. We stand ready to help. Can we answer any questions for you? Why not schedule an appointment for a microchip and we can all get acquainted.

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