Veterinary Surgery

Here at Ontario Animal Hospital, we offer safe, professional and caring surgery services for cats and dogs so that your pet can stay healthy and active throughout its life.

Veterinary Surgery Services

We offer routine and emergency surgeries for cats and dogs in our fully equipped surgery theaters. Veterinary surgeons are specially trained beyond a normal veterinarian, and they can specialize in several different categories, including surgery, internal medicine, anesthesiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology and radiology.

Here at our veterinary hospital, we frequently perform all types of surgeries from routine spay and neuters to more complex surgeries on joints and tendons. One of our more common surgeries involves repaired torn and damaged ACLs. Dogs are prone to tearing their ACL. Sometimes the tear occurs over time as a repetitive motion injury or it occurs suddenly when your dog jumps wrong or lands wrong after jumping.

We also close wounds and can treat pets that have been hit by cars or in fights with other animals.

  • ACL Tears
  • Bladder and Kidney Stone Removal
  • Bloat Surgery
  • Eye Surgery
  • Foreign Object Removal
  • Fractures
  • Hip Replacement
  • Intestinal Blockages
  • Masses and Tumors
  • Spay and Neuter
  • Wound Closure

Benefits of Surgery at Ontario Veterinary Hospital

Our animal hospital offers fully equipped surgery theaters and onsite radiology. We also have an in-house pharmacy and laboratory for blood work so that we can diagnose and treat your pet as quickly as possible.

Blood Work

By having an onsite laboratory for blood work, we can take blood samples and look for common and uncommon ailments and diseases and make a diagnosis faster than a veterinary clinic. This means that your pet will receive the treatment he or she needs as soon as possible.


Our onsite pharmacy is fully stocked with pain medications, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and medications used for surgery as well as medications for chronic pet diseases, including diabetes and arthritis. If your pet needs a prescription filled or surgery, you can be assured that we have the correct medication in the correct dosages.


Digital imaging can help us determine the extent of your pet’s injuries and find abnormalities in your pets chest, abdomen and pelvic region. This allows us to see broken bones, foreign objects, masses and potential bloating.

Surgical Theaters

Our surgical theaters are completely sterile and ready for your pet in his or her time of need. We have oxygen and anesthesia and heart and blood pressure monitoring equipment that we use for each and every surgery. By having the latest technologies, we are able to fully monitor your pet before, during and after surgery to ensure the best outcome.

Whether or pet needs routine, complex or non-routine surgery, our veterinary surgeons are ready to assess and treat your pet. We offer appointments, call-ahead and emergency veterinary services. For more information on our surgery services or to schedule an examination for your pet, call our office at 909-984-2211.

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